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If you like Nora Roberts’ or Robert B. Parker’s books, it’s easy to find other authors who write the same type of books that you’d probably enjoy. But what if you like Joshilyn Jackson’s books? (My daughter keeps recommending her to me.) Do you know who else may write in a similar style that you’d like to check out? Then check out Literature-Map – a cloud generator.

Put an author’s name into the search box – Joshilyn Jackson. Four other names appear around hers on the screen – Harper Lee, Anne Tyler, Ernest Gaines, and Jodi Picoult. Those people have works similar in style or content to Jackson. I’ve read Lee’s, Tyler’s and Gaines’ work and like them. The odds are good I’ll like Jackson’s work, too.

If you watch the screen closely, you’ll see those names float around some. But now put in an author who has more connections – like Mark Twain. Now lots of names appear and are moving all over the screen. It’s no surprise to see William Faulkner, Washington Irving, Alexandre Dumas, or Edgar Allen Poe listed. But – Ray Bradbury? Tony Hillerman? James Herriott? Maya Angelou? I certainly wouldn’t have thought to connect them. But depending on which book is being compared, I can see some of the links.

Literature Map is another way to look for books – as if I need another one!

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