LA Times Festival of Books 2012


It was that time again this weekend. My daughter and I had a fun visit to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books once again. We walked all over the University of Southern California’s campus so we could check out the booths and different stages.

The best interview I saw? Anne Perry did a wonderful one on one interview. She still writes her books in long hand! There’s no computer for her. She’s working on a sort of sequel to her World War I series that takes place in the 1930’s.

The best new find? We attended a cool panel featuring Raymond Feist and Greg Bear. I enjoyed hearing their histories of writing. The third panel member was Boyd Morrison. I hadn’t heard of him before but his books sound interesting. So we bought three books between us and had him sign them.

The most fun panel? John Scalzi, Maureen Johnson, and Pam Ribon discussed “The Nerds Shall Inherit the Earth”. We spent that hour laughing.

Other highlights? There is the lady practicing on her mandolin for a bluegrass hour. We chatted with the authors of the Trader Joe’s cookbooks. We brushed off many different religious and philosophy proselytes. We watched Marc Brown draw Arthur the Aardvark and other characters on the Children’s Stage. And we walked, and walked, and walked. My pedometer showed over 8300 steps on Saturday and 7800 steps on Sunday. This from a woman who averages about 3500 to 4000 steps a day.

The least favorite part? We’re not returning to that hotel again. It was about a mile and a half from campus in a more run down area of Los Angeles. First we were put in a smoking room. After we changed rooms, it was somewhat better, but…Next year, we’ll try to get back into the hotel we had last year.

I wonder what authors will be at the LATFOB next year?