Judge Deborah Knott


Every once in a while I receive a book for review that I have been anticipating. When I was offered Margaret Maron‘s new Judge Deborah Knott novel, Hard Row, which comes out this Tuesday, I jumped at the chance.

For all you Deborah Knott fans, Hard Row is excellent. For all of you who haven’t met her, you’ll find this is a well done mystery. In other words, any of you who like a good detective mystery should like this book.

If you haven’t read any of Margaret Maron’s North Carolina mystery novels before, you’ll learn a lot of Miss Debra’s history in this one that unfolded in earlier novels. You should go back and read them, especially the first one, Bootlegger’s Daughter. That particular novel earned practically every mystery novel award available the year it was published. They are cozy mysteries in the sense that the murder is always off stage and we don’t usually get graphic details. But they don’t lean towards cute. They’re good detective novels.