Joining the Modern Age


In November I’ll be taking a two week vacation to Italy and Greece. I have traveled that far before with books in my suitcases. I will do it again.

But books weigh down a suitcase. I know I’ll pick up a few when I’m traveling. I’d like to start with less weight. The solution is obvious with our modern technology.

Yesterday I bought a Nook, the Barnes and Noble e-reader. I thought I would buy a Kindle from Amazon. The new model was preordered for me. Then I learned that the Kindle doesn’t handle Digital Rights Management (DRM) software that is set up through the Adobe e-reader.

I can borrow ebooks through my library. They are encoded with the DRM. I couldn’t use them on a Kindle. I canceled my preordered Kindle, went to the local Barnes and Noble, and came home with my new Nook e-reader. They didn’t have the book-style cover I wanted in stock (in any of my local B&N stores) so I had to order it online. I won’t do much with my new toy until the cover comes in.

Last night I connected up with Overdrive audio and ebooks through my library’s web site. I was able to borrow and download two books for my new reader.

I have now joined the ebook trend…

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  1. Comment by Linda P:

    Jandy – I’ve just found your interesting blog. I hope you have a good time in Italy and Greece with lots of good reading too.