Jim Butcher


All you Harry Dresden and/or Codex Alera fans, if you ever get a chance to see the author, Jim Butcher, in person, jump at it! Unfortunately, the only good picture I was able to get is this one where he almost looks menacing. Instead he’s impish, has a wicked sense of humor, personable, sardonic and often laughs at himself.

He was at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego today. He’s promoting his newest Harry Dresden novel, Small Favor. It’s no secret if you’ve visited my web site that I like this urban fantasy series a lot. So when I saw he was coming, I jumped at it.

He answered questions for an hour. The questions ranged from his Dresden Files and Codex Alera books to the upcoming graphic novels to the Dresden Files television show to his wife and son to his future ideas after the Alera and Dresden story arcs are done to how he got started in writing. He enjoys playing with his audience, more than once saying “You’ll have to wait and see…” or “I’m not telling.”

Then, of course, Jim Butcher signed our books. He signed every one of his books put in front of him. There were over 125 people in line for signatures. The first time each of us were allowed to have him sign 3 books. He was in a buoyant mood and not in a rush, so he agreed to sign any others after the line had finished the first time. The second time you could take as many books as you wanted. So I now have all 10 of my Dresden file books signed.

Actually, the hardest part was standing in line inside Mysterious Galaxy and not walking out a few hundred dollars broker. I was good – I only bought one book today (I had been in and bought the newest Dresden File book on Wednesday) and that one will be a gift.