J.D. Salinger


This hermit author died a few days ago. He had quite a cult following. His anti hero Holden Caufield is still admired by disaffected teens. I didn’t read any of Salinger’s books or short stories until I was in my 30’s. I didn’t get his work. I decided I wasn’t the target audience. I found his work esoteric and hard to appreciate for the most part. Occasionally I found a short story or two that I liked, but his work usually left me cold.

I had one irreverent thought when I head he had died – “How do they know? He hid away from everyone.” I guess I don’t understand hermits. One interview showed that Salinger continue to write long after he withdrew from the world. I wonder how long before this work will be published?

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  1. Comment by cafeshree:

    I read Catcher in the Rye in high school, required reading. I remember not liking it then, mostly because it was about a boy and I couldn’t really relate and I remember just feeling, like so what, he’s unhappy but he’s not doing anything. I didn’t get the whole “message for the disaffected youth” bit. And I’ve never been tempted to try anything else.