It’s National Library Week


Neil GaimanNeil Gaiman is this year’s reader for National Library Week.

Actually the timing is good for me. I had reserved a copy of the new book This Book is Overdue! How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All. It came in last week and I started reading it yesterday. Reading about all these librarians active on the Internet, in their own cities, within the librarian community, in Second Life, blogging, etc, is enough to give me an inferiority complex.

Then I remember that I do well for my own little corner of the world. My library may have a small number of readers, but they certainly appreciate us. We know their work is easier and better because of the work we do for them.

I know there is a lot of negative perceptions about librarians – but watch the people highlighted in this book and the librarians of the new and coming generation (including my daughter in a few months). They can be involved and take the profession past anything I would have dreamed of when I was a kid.

Happy National Library Week