How Do You Choose What to Read Next?


I was close to the end of The Path of Minor Planets by Andrew Sean Greer tonight when our electricity went out. So I turned off the lights that had been on and lit candles. Unfortunately, the candlelight doesn’t illuminate the recliner area well, so both my roommate and I moved to the dining room table to finish our books.

Thank goodness for gas stoves. I had planned on heating up the left over bibimbap I had brought home from lunch yesterday in the microwave (our Friday lunches are often an adventure). Instead, I heated up some soup and added crackers and some Hershey kisses (don’t we love balanced meals?). Then I finished the book.

The power was still out and it was too early to go to bed, so I took a candle in to examine Mt. Bookpile. I still have some of the mysteries from the Women of Mystery raffle this summer. I pulled out three different ones before I chose Beautiful Lies by Lisa Unger. What was my criteria for choosing? It had to have a larger font to be easy to read in candlelight. That’s not normally the reason I choose what I’m going to read next.

How do you choose what book you will next read?