Google Lists


Google changed their web site a bit, making it better according to their designers. I’ll decide for sure after I’ve used it more. They put out the new design today. Of course I had to try it out. So during my break, I check out some of my web pages. I know that if you just put “book reviews” into the search, my pages will fall somewhere well past the 6th Google page – not found that way. But most of my search hits come from searches for titles.

I put in some searches for some of my more popular titles from the web stats I have. Yeah, there are some impressive results there, like on Tuesdays with Morrie. I remembered another title from my stats list and entered it. I saw this:

Whoa! Octavia Butler had a wonderful voice and I think Kindred is the best of hers that I’ve read. I was pleased (OK, shocked and thrilled) to see my review first on the Google list. (Later it was second on the list, but so what, I had kept a screen shot, grin. The print on the screen shot may be too small to see well here, but it looks great in real size.)