Gifts for Readers


My daughter’s apartment needed a new bathtub. That was a two-day job. So last night she, her husband, and their daughters, aged 2 and 3 months, stayed the night in our small place. We did fine and I had a good time cuddling the baby. The two-year-old is bright and busy and was awake at 7 this morning. So Grandma got up with the girls and let their parents sleep in another hour or two. Thank goodness for children’s programming. After a busy hour, I was glad to let her watch Pooh’s Corner on the Disney channel. Since they don’t have it at home, she thought it was a treat.

This evening after they were gone, I finished up presents for some friends. We had stayed with them in Arizona last month for a week. I learned they are great readers. I found some wonderful old (30 and 40 year old) classic science fiction on their shelves that I borrowed. They had been her parent’s books. So instead of buying them a small thank you present, I came home and dusted off my sewing machine. I need a new book cover. I made a couple more for them. Now what book am I going to put into hers before I give them the covers tomorrow? Hmmm….

She’s a quilter and he’s a volunteer fireman, so I chose fabric for them. I still have to make a new one for me, though. Mine is so old and so worn the fabric has holes where the spine corners rub on it.


  1. Comment by kaikhor:

    So thanks to you, I have a blog.

  2. Comment by Brad Wirz:

    Amazing idea! It can be so hard to find gifts for readers… but this is so simple. Thanks for posting!