The Glass Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

Posted July 5, 2015 By Jandy

MysteryRomanceFantasyThe Glass Magician by Charlie N. HolmbergAlthough she is a new apprentice magician, Ceony Twill has already done impressive magic. She is a Folder, a paper magician. She was able to create a paper heart that kept a man alive until his heart function could be restored. She defeated an Excisioner, a magician who illegally worked with blood. Excisioners usually kill the people they meet. She was also able to save Magician Emery Thane, the man who is her teacher and mentor. She came to know him extremely well.

Now she has returned to her apprenticeship with Mg. Thane has resumed. Unfortunately, two of the Excisioner Lira’s accomplices are still out in the world. Now one of them, Grath,  is hunting Ceony to discover her secret of defeating Lira despite the Excisioner’s exceptional skills. Read the remainder of this entry »

If You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern

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Paranormal RomanceParanormalIf You Could See Me Now by Cecelia Ahern If You Could See Me Now
Cecelia Ahern; Wheeler Pub. 2006

Elizabeth Egan has everything in her life under tight control. She has an interior decorating business in a small town in Ireland. Her signature style includes neutrals and beiges. She is her six-year-old nephew’s Luke legal guardian. He is only allowed to play with his toys in two rooms. Their home is obsessively clean. There are two ares in her life where she doesn’t have control – and they are the reasons she can’t leave Baile na gCroithe – her father and her sister. Read the remainder of this entry »

Dial M for Mischief by Kasey Michaels

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RomanceDial M for Mischief by Kasey Michaels Dial M For Mischief
Kasey Michaels; HQN Books 2008

When Teddy Sunshine dies, his daughters gather in Philadelphia to mourn him and find out what really happened before he died. The official ruling of the former police officer’s death is that he murdered the wife of a mayoral candidate, then committed suicide. Jade, Jolie, and Jessica are certain their father would never commit suicide. Jolie returns from Hollywood and Jessica returns from her news reporter job in Washington D.C. to join Jade. The three women believe one of the cold cases Teddy was investigating holds the key to his probable murder.

Jolie Sunshine left Philadelphia five years earlier to to try to break into movies. After two years she got a small speaking role in a B movie that catapulted her to success. Now she is one of the leading stars in the movies. She was in love with Sam Beckett but her drive to learn if she could make it was deeper. He had wanted to marry her. She left him, breaking her heart yet knowing she had to try. Read the remainder of this entry »

Garden of Lies by Amanda Quick

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Romantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseGarden of Lies by Amanda QuickWhen Anne Clifton dies, her employer Ursula Kern knows she has to investigate. Ursula is certain Anne didn’t commit suicide, which is Scotland Yard’s final ruling. When Ursula went through Anne’s home, she found an empty perfume bottle on Anne’s writing table and three things cunningly hidden – some seeds, a notebook, and a jewelry pouch. Ursula is sure they mean something. She decides to take Anne’s place as stenographer to Lady Valerie Fulbrook. She thinks the answers to Anne’s sudden death may lie in the Fulbrook household.

To take the Fulbrook position, Ursula has to put her rare stenography job on hold until she solves the mystery. She tells archeologist Slater Roxton she is quitting. He demands to know why she can’t do both jobs (never mind she also runs the stenography agency). She tells him her plans of finding the reason behind Anne’s death. Slater is also an adventurer who loves to solve puzzles. Suddenly Ursula has a partner in her detective work. Read the remainder of this entry »

Bump Up the Oxygen by Mary Jordan Nixon

Posted May 28, 2015 By Jandy

RomanceCozy MysteryBump Up the Oxygen by Mary Jordan NixonWith her daughter grown and out of the house, her husband living in a different home, and her increasing abdomen pains, Miranda Blight isn’t having a great life right now. She and Buddy choose to live apart and get together on the weekends – something her neighbor Ole doesn’t understand. Miranda makes nurse dolls like Clara Barton. She dreams of almost being a nurse. The instructor who kicked her out of the program is in the news. Mrs. Vic’s daughter died and the older woman accuses her son-in-law of murder. Read the remainder of this entry »

Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie

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RomanceBet Me by Jennifer Crusie Bet Me
Jennifer Crusie; St. Martin’s Press 2004

Happily-ever-after is a fairy tale for bedtime stories. Minerva Dobbs knows that in her practical, plump, actuary’s soul. She overhears Calvin Morrisey make a bet with her ex-boyfriend about her. He’s gorgeous, is a partner of a successful business, charms all the women, and avoids commitment. She accepts the dinner date invitation, then they leave each other at the end of the evening. Nothing more is expected. Read the remainder of this entry »

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

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Paranormal RomanceParanormal MysteryParanormalBlood Bound by Patricia Briggs Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson Series, Book 2)
Patricia Briggs; Ace 2007

When Stefan calls asking for the payback of a favor, Mercy Thompson reluctantly agrees. She worked hard all day in her auto repair shop. Stefan is a vampire, so needs her help in the middle of the night. She shapeshifts into her coyote form to be a witness for Stefan when he confronts a rogue vampire living in their neighborhood.

Unfortunately, Cory Littleton is not an average vampire. He is also a sorcerer being controlled by a demon. When he meets Stefan, he doesn’t realize Mercy is more than an unusual dog controlled by a vampire. So when Littleton hypnotizes Stefan, Mercy is the witness to Littleton’s atrocities. The rogue is killing humans in their area, attacking werewolves, and controlling vampires. Read the remainder of this entry »

Low Pressure by Sandra Brown

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Romantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseLow Pressure by Sandra Brown Low Pressure
Sandra Brown; Grand Central Pub. 2012

When she was 12, Bellamy Lyston’s older sister was murdered during a tornado in Austin. His father’s business had a family business picnic in a local park. When Susan’s body was found after deadly storm, it was apparent she had been strangled rather than having been killed by the storm.

The police wanted to arrest Susan’s boyfriend, Dent Carter, but he had been flying with his mentor that day. Even so, the stigma of their suspicion and his involvement remains years later. The only thing that has rescued him for these 20 or so years has been his love of flying. He worked for a large airline, but now owns his own Cessna and flies charters out of Austin. Read the remainder of this entry »

The Liar by Nora Roberts

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Romantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseThe Liar by Nora RobertsAfter her husband Richard died in a boating accident off the coast of the Carolinas, Shelby Foxworth discovered they weren’t as financially stable as she thought. In fact, he hadn’t paid any payments on their expensive home, he owed millions on his credit cards, and most of her jewelry was either fake or has disappeared. She had turned into the obedient, quiet wife at home, doing what her husband wanted. Now Shelby takes their four-year-old daughter and returns to her home in Tennessee.

Shelby comes from a strong, close knit family. Because of Richard she hadn’t been home much since she was married. Now they take her and Callie back in as Shelby starts rebuilding her life and paying off her husband’s bills. She relearns who she was before she had subtly become a mentally abused wife. The she learns Richard wasn’t Richard. He was… who? What had she really been to him? And why is his past haunting her now? Read the remainder of this entry »

Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis

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RomanceRescue My Heart by Jill ShalvisAs a teenager, Adam Connelly had been a wild trouble maker. He joined the military and straightened up. After a harrowing rescue in Iraq when half his unit was killed, he returned to Idaho suffering from PTSD and feeling broken. Now he works with his brother Dell at the veterinary clinic and is responsible for the local search and rescue teams. He also trains S&R dogs.

As a teenager, Holly Reid had been in love with Adam. They had a wonderful summer together before he left for the military, dumping her. She since moved East, had a bad marriage, and came back to Idaho to help run the business for her father’s ranches. Adam still attracts her, but she’s not going there. Read the remainder of this entry »

The Copenhagen Connection by Elizabeth Peters

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RomanceCozy MysteryThe Copenhagen Connection by Elizabeth Peters The Copenhagen Connection
Elizabeth Peters; HarperCollins 2006

As she flies out to Denmark for a long awaited vacation, Elizabeth Jones spies her idol on the plane. Margaret Rosenberg is an author of fiction and non-fiction books through the publisher where Elizabeth works. A bizarre accident at the Copenhagen airport allows Elizabeth to help Margaret, getting herself pulled into Margaret’s circle. Christian, Margaret’s son, thinks Elizabeth is a flake. Elizabeth ignores his overbearing attitude to work with Margaret. Read the remainder of this entry »

Split Second by Catherine Coulter

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Romantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseSplit Second by Catherine CoulterSplit Second
Catherine Coulter; Thorndike Press 2011

Women have been drugged and taken away from bars, then murdered in their homes. This happened in San Francisco, Chicago, and Cleveland. The next attempt was is Philadelphia, but that woman was saved by the bartender that night. The man who did this was described as tall, thin, and artistic looking with a pale face and a long pony tail.

Lucy Carlyle is the FBI agent put in charge of the team to catch this serial killer. DNA from the last intended victim proves something unexpected. The suspect is a woman masquerading as a man. And she is Ted Bundy’s daughter. No one, including Bundy, knew he had a daughter. Now she is taking over her father’s work. Read the remainder of this entry »