Vortex by Cherry Adair

Posted August 24, 2016 By Jandy

Romantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseVortex by Cherry AdairWhile searching for a sunken treasure ship, Logan Cutter pulls an injured woman out of the ocean. Dani Rosado lies to Logan as to why she’s in the water in the middle of nowhere off the coast of Peru. He can’t just dump her back in the water, so Cutter keeps her on the ship with his crew as they search. Dani knows the history of the treasure they are trying to find and is there to help them. Admittedly, she didn’t want to be there, but she’s on the run and her cousins dumped her to get to Logan.

The first thing Dani does is lead Logan to the map where the treasure really is rather than where they are looking. According to her family’s lore, the treasure was removed from the flag ship and sailed away to protect the precious emeralds and other cargo, but it was caught in a storm and sunk further south. She wants to stay hidden away in the middle of the Pacific on Logan’s ship. No one from her real world should find her there. Helping Logan find the treasure keeps her on board. Now she wants to protect him from her cousins. Even more, she wants to protect herself from the evil man who is hunting her.

Logan hates liars. He knows Dani is lying to him about why she was in the ocean. But instead of immediately taking her to the mainland, he keeps her on board. She obviously knows more about the treasure than she is letting on. He wouldn’t have found the map if she hadn’t “innocently” pointed it out to him. What else does she know?

Vortex is a romantic suspense full of treasure hunters, bad families, good families, a steamy romance, and greedy evil people. Cherry Adair reveals Dani’s secrets slowly so the full impact of her trouble hits harder once Dani finally reveals all to Logan. Adair’s hints throughout keep the reader pulled in.

The romance enhances the build up of the suspense. Vortex uses the classic “I can’t trust her but I can’t resist her” plot. Adair makes it believable for Logan to change his own normal actions to take on this woman and her problems.  Dani is an honest character caught in a bad situation whose inner guilt convinces her to reveal her story to Logan, albeit slowly.

Sunken treasure and hot romance. A woman in trouble and a man who rescues her. Vortex keeps the reader satisfied.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence, Strong language

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‘Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick

Posted June 17, 2016 By Jandy

Historical RomanceMystery'Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda QuickDating services are not a modern institution. There have been matchmakers for time immemorial. Calista Langley has an introduction service to introduce like minded people. She has to be very careful to make sure London society doesn’t look upon her services as that of a bordello rather than a service for prospective couples. One of her clients is Eudora Hastings. Her brother, Trent, writes popular detective novels.

Calista is being bothered by Nestor, a man she saw a few times. He has since married but wants Calista to have an affair with him. While Nestor is visiting Calista (much to her chagrin), Trent enters her home and business. Trent doesn’t want his sister using Calista’s service because he doesn’t think it’s respectable. Once she is able to convince him of the legitimacy of her business, she discovers she needs his help. Someone appears to be sending her death gifts.

Soon Calista, Trent, Eurdora, and Calista’s brother Andrew are involved in a real mystery similar to those in Trent’s novels. They learn about some servants’ and governesses’ deaths. Those women had received the same gifts before they were killed. Now it appears that Calista has been receiving death threats.

Calista is a strong modern woman. She feels she still has to care for her brother who is now a young man. Andrew researches her potential clients to make sure they meet Calista’s standards. He enjoys the challenge and becomes helpful in the mystery threatening Calista.

‘Til Death Do Us Part has Amanda Quick’s (Jayne Ann Krentz) distinct enjoyable style. It’s witty and smart, with sexual tension and a sharp romance. Nestor is appropriately slimy. Andrew is enthusiastic and youthful, on the cusp on manhood. Eudora proves to be a good friend. Trent carries guilt, blaming himself for the death of their parents. Yet he is still a man’s man of the time.

Quick takes the mores of Victorian England and is able to relate them to today. While they were morally much stricter, people like Calista and Trent are able to work within their system to have a romance that appeals to the modern reader.

The mystery is twisty and keeps the reader guessing. ‘Til Death Do Us Part is a good mystery and sensual romance.

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Sweet Trouble by Susan Mallery

Posted February 18, 2016 By Jandy

RomanceSweet Trouble by Susan MalleryFive years earlier Jesse’s sister Nicole kicked her out. Nicole caught Jesse with her now ex-husband. Jesse swore she didn’t do anything, but neither Nicole nor Matt, the man Jesse loved, believed her. She tried to tell Matt she was pregnant with his baby, but he didn’t believe that, either. She ran away from Seattle, her sisters, and Matt.

Now Jesse is returning home. She wants to reunite with her sisters. She wants to join in the family bakery business and help it grow. She wants Gabe, her son, to know his daddy. In her wildest dreams, she hopes Matt is still single and could love her again.

Matt is single but when he meets Gabe and realizes what he missed, he is furious with Jesse. She has a heart for Matt, but she keeps it hidden because of his outrage. Nicole hasn’t let go of her anger although she has remarried a wonderful man and has her own children. Their third sister, Claire, tries to calm both of their antagonism. Jesse brings her new recipe for the bakery and new ideas. Although Jesse knows it wasn’t a mistake to return home, she almost wishes she could leave again. Yet she has to prove she’s grown up to herself as well as those she loves.

Sweet Trouble is the third book in Susan Mallery’s Keyes sisters trilogy. Like Sweet Talk and Sweet Spot, Sweet Trouble is hot romance and happy reunion. Mallery handles the troubles between the sisters with a light touch for the happy ending rather than the angst that could overshadow the books. Mallery’s sexy romances stay upbeat as she often handles awkward family problems (the Marcellis, the Lone Star Sisters, etc).

When a Mallery book is picked up, the reader expects seductive romance and happy ever after. Sweet Trouble meets expectations with adversity leading to the storybook ending. Enjoy the escape into Mallery’s Sweet Trouble.

Notice: Explicit sexual content

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Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs

Posted February 14, 2016 By Jandy

Paranormal RomanceRomantic SuspenseParanormal RomanceFrost Burned by Patricia BriggsAfter being dragged out on Thanksgiving night for Black Friday shopping by her step-daughter, Mercy Thompson has a panic attack and crashes the car into another. By the time they get the report made, she and Jesse were delayed home. The panic attack came through her bond with Adam. There werewolf pack has been subdued and kidnapped. If she and Jesse hadn’t crashed they would have been taken too.

It takes a lot for a human to overpower one werewolf, let alone an alpha like Adam, let alone a full pack. But someone has learned the secret. One werewolf escaped capture and has found Mercy. They takes Jesse to a (hopefully) safe house. Just in case, Mercy asks a half fae friend, Tad, to watch over home of the single mother and her children. Then Mercy and Ben head over to another home where they find Kyle, the partner of another werewolf, tied to a chair with two men beating him up. The men are trying to find out where Mercy and Jesse are.

What Mercy learns is worse. Some government renegades are behind the attack. They want Adam to kill an anti-werewolf senator. Mercy is supposed to be their leverage. They’re able to free Kyle. Mercy knows Adam is still alive through their mental bond. He is seriously hurt. But Mercy is a descendant of Coyote. She may be a shapeshifter; she also has access to unusual magic. She doesn’t always know what she can do until she tries.

Now Mercy, Ben, Kyle, and Tad have to prevent a war that would leave the human vulnerable to the magical creatures – the vampires, the fae, the witches, the werewolves, and more that hide in plain sight.

I’m really not sure how Patricia Briggs does it. Each Mercy Thompson novel is as powerful as the previous, if not more so. Frost Burned starts on a humorous note of dreaded Black Friday shopping. Within minutes, the action starts and the reader gets sucked into Mercy’s world again. Mercy’s dry humor prevents Frost Burned from turning too dark to read. Instead, each new obstacle takes the reader in deeper.

When Mercy first realizes she and Jesse have to dump all tracking devices and phones, she borrows the local vampire queen’s precious Mercedes. There is no GPS or any other sort of tracker on the car, plus it has bulletproof glass and tinted windows. It’s a beautiful. By the time she can return it to Marsilia, a werewolf has bled all over inside it, Mercy has been thrown against it, it gets crashed, carries a dead body in the trunk, and has a zombie fae smash out of it. The car return won’t be a pretty scene, and Mercy’s dread of that is one of the weaving threads that holds the lightness throughout Frost Burned despite the fantasy violence.

Briggs plots a mystery that changes every time Mercy learns a bit more. I was fairly sure I knew where the story was going. Ha!

Frost Burned has enough back story in it that it could be read alone. But I recommend going back to Moon Called and reading these all. You’ll like Brigg’s Frost Burned even more.

Notice: Graphic fantasy violence

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The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend by Katarina Bivald

General Fictiontranslated by Alice Menzies

Broken Wheel is barely a speck on the map of Iowa, just outside of a slightly larger town, Hope. Amy Harris lived in Broken Wheel all her life. Now that she’s older, a long time widow, an avid reader, and not in the best of health, she starts a penpal/book discussion with Sara Lindqvist in Haninge, Sweden. After a couple years writing, Amy invites Sara, as much of a bookworm as she, to come visit Broken Wheel.

Sara feels like she knows the town and the people from the older woman’s letters. But when she arrives, things are not like she expects. Jimmie Coogan St. (formally 4th) is barely a street at all. Amy’s nephew, Tom, is withdrawn. Most of the stores are closed up. Amy’s letters had talked about the problems in town with the economy hitting them so hard and so many people moving away. Now Sara sees.

Everyone is friendly, though. They won’t let her pay for anything – rent while she’s at Amy’s house, her food, or her drinks at the Square, the local bar. Finally Sara comes up with a plan. She has plenty of money with her. The bookstore where she worked in Haninge closed, leaving her drifting. While that gave her a few months to visit Broken Wheel, she misses the books.

Sara looks at all the books in Amy’s house and her own books she sent before she arrived. Then she cleans up and paints up Amy’s husband’s shop that has been close since he died. Sara turns it into a bookshop. Hope doesn’t have a bookshop. Neither do any of the small Iowan towns around them. Broken Wheel has something new. Quickly it’s a bright spot in a declining town.

Instead of traditional sections like mysteries, romance, classics, fantasy, etc., Sara names her book shelves with titles like “SEX, VIOLENCE, AND WEAPONS” or “WARNING: UNHAPPY ENDING!” or “SMALL TOWN LIFE” or “SHORT BUT SWEET”. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend belongs under Sara’s label “HAPPY ENDINGS WHEN YOU NEED THEM”.

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is Swedish author Katarina Bivald’s first novel. This novel sounds like it was written by an American because of the setting. Bivald captures the dying American rural town and its characters. She could have made it dismal. Instead, she makes it realistic without being depressing.

The reader has to chuckle when the Town Council is excited because they have a Tourist! Before she opens the bookstore, they devise ways to keep Sara in town and busy. Although Sara talks with Amy, the older woman is unable to go anywhere with Sara. Instead the God-fearing older teacher, the housewife with few contemporaries, and the bar’s gay owner gang together to keep Sara busy, happy, and in Broken Wheel.

The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend is a love story – the love of books, the love of a town, and the reluctant love of a couple. Bivald twines them together into a charming tale that lends hope in a dreary sounding world.


An extra for book lovers: At the end of the book Bivald lists the titles, authors, and series of the many books mentioned in The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.

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Secret Sisters by Jayne Ann Krentz

Posted January 4, 2016 By Jandy

Romantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseSecret Sisters by Jayne Ann KrentzHer grandmother died and Madeline Chase is now in charge of the family innkeeping business. She gets an urgent call from Tom, the old caretaker of their first bed and breakfast on an island off the coast of Washington. They had closed it down and moved away after Madeline was attacked 18 years earlier. Now Madeline returns to Washington.

She walks into a mystery. The caretaker is dying after being assaulted by an unseen intruder. Tom apologizes to Madeline when she finds him. He gives some cryptic clues as he fades in her arms. Now Madeline calls for help.

First she calls the head of security for the business, Jack Raynor. Jack calls the company IT specialist, his brother Abe. Then Madeline calls Daphne Knight. Although she hasn’t seen her best friend since that long ago night, Madeline has never forgotten her. Daphne leaves Las Vegas and heads to Washington. It’s almost as if the two girls hadn’t parted.

The attack was kept secret between Madeline, her grandmother, Tom, Daphne, and Daphne’s mother, as well as the attacker. But someone seems to have found out. Tom is dead. Perhaps her grandmother didn’t die of natural causes. And someone is trying to kill them.

I look forward to Jayne Ann Krentz’ new books under both her own name and her pseudonyms. Secret Sisters is her newest contemporary romantic suspense novel. This book held me fast. The mystery twists around on itself and the romance. Although expected, the romance is hot.

Secret Sisters is not only a romance and a mystery, but the story of how women reconnect. Madeline and Daphne haven’t seen each other in 18 years. But they have kept track of each other and know much of what is happening to each other. When they meet in Washington again, they discover their friendship is as close as it was when they were children. They are sisters of the heart.

There’s an extra bit of fun in the second chapter when Madeline is dumping the couples therapist she has been dating. If only all women could take that kind of power.

I felt the last few Krentz novels had been rushed and lightweight even though I enjoyed them. Secret Sisters is a stronger book. Krentz creates an overhanging atmosphere that keeps the book feeling like it’s always night, yet is not oppressive or chilling. A convincing conclusion and sparking romance kept me pulled in right through to the end of Secret Sisters

Notice: Strong sexual content, Non-graphic violence

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MysteryRomanceAgnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer Agnes and the Hitman
Jennifer Crusie; St. Martins 2008

Her food column is called Cranky Agnes. Agnes has anger management issues – she hit her last two fiances with frying pans when she caught them cheating on her. Her parents dropped her off at a boarding school when she was 10 and didn’t return for her. Her best friend Lisa Livia is almost a mob princess – the don is LL’s uncle and she stays away from him. But Agnes is in a good place now. She has a white-bread fiance who is a caterer. She bought her dream house (albeit a fixer upper) from Lisa Livia’s mother. She and her fiance are hosting Lisa Livia’s daughter’s wedding at their new home this Saturday. Everything is good. Except it isn’t. Read the remainder of this entry »

Finding Perfect by Susan Mallery

Posted August 13, 2015 By Jandy
RomanceFinding Perfect by Susan Mallery Finding Perfect
Susan Mallery; HQN 2010

Pia O’Brien knew she would inherit something from her best friend Crystal when she died of cancer. Pia expected it would be Crystal’s cat Jake. Instead, Crystal left the three embryos she and her husband had frozen before he died overseas. Pia is shocked to discover Crystal thought she could be a mother.

Pia has just learned the news when she takes a business meeting with retired football star Raoul Moreno. Raoul bought a camp outside of town. He has run summer camps for city children and would like to expand to year round. She wants him to be a sponsor for some of the festivals the city of Fool’s Gold has every month or so. They are supposed to discuss how they can work together. Read the remainder of this entry »

Always On My Mind by Jill Shalvis

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Romantic SuspenseRomanceAlways On My Mind by Jill ShalvisAfter being in a reality television show, Leah Sullivan returns to Lucky Harbor to help out her grandmother. She had grown up helping her grandmother in a small town bakery. Now Elsie has knee surgery and Leah takes over the bakery while Elsie is recovering.

Her best friend in Lucky Harbor is Jack Harper. Jack is now a hot fireman and a serial dater. He doesn’t stay with any woman for more than a few dates. Jack and Leah resume their friendship and teasing. Leah knows she’s leaving Lucky Harbor in a few weeks. She wants to be gone before the finale of Sweet Wars appears on TV. Read the remainder of this entry »

Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh

Posted August 1, 2015 By Jandy

Paranormal RomanceParanormal MysteryParanormalShards of Hope by Nalini SinghAlthough judged a mid level Psy talent as a child, Aden had the leadership qualities and loyalty to become the leader of the Arrows. He watched as Vasic, his second in command and best friend, found love and happiness. Aden would like that for himself, but knows only one woman is for him.

Zaira has a streak of rage and madness within her. Her parents locked her up as a child and tortured her to make her a better, stronger Psy. Instead, when she was seven, she escaped their cage and killed them. She was almost put in Rehabilitation, but her power and strength instead became an asset for the Arrows. She has always supported Aden. She looks at the this new world, especially the children, and wants to help. The insane rage she keeps bottled inside herself prevents her from joining, but she refuses to let any child suffer like she did.

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The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg

Posted July 11, 2015 By Jandy

Paranormal RomanceFantasyThe Master Magician by Charlie N. HolmbergThe Master Magician by Charlie N. HolmbergHer magician apprenticeship with Magician Emery Thane is almost done. Soon Ceony Twill should be his equal – and they can allow their love to be realized. Ceony has a secret that evil magicians would love to have. For now, though, she has to study for her exam to become a paper magician. When Emery tells her who her examiner will be, she is surprised and unhappy. Normally the apprentice’s mentor is the examiner. Instead, the man who is Emery’s adversary. They don’t like each other. When Ceony protests, Emery reminds her that if Mg. Bailey passes her, he can’t be accused of favoritism like Emery could. Read the remainder of this entry »

Pirate’s Alley by Suzanne Johnson

Posted July 9, 2015 By Jandy

Paranormal RomanceParanormal MysteryParanormalPirate's Alley by Suzanne JohnsonThere are political upheavals in the supernatural world. D.J. Jaco, the wizard sentinel in New Orleans, is right in the middle of it. She is “married” to a powerful elf, Quince Randolph. The head of the Council of Elders’ son was turned into a vampire who still has his wizarding powers as well as the strength and abilities of a vampire. D.J. was forced to “kill” her ghost friend Jean Lafitte and send him back to the Never.

D.J.’s personal life isn’t much better. Her relationship ship with Alex Warin, an enforcer for the wizards, is on rocky ground, especially since Rand took a blood bond with her to prevent her from becoming a loup-garou. Her closest friend Eugenie has a big personal problem that could also affect the supernatural world. She’s caught between all her friends and bosses.

Now a new council formed by the heads of the different supernatural groups – the wizards, the vampires, the elves, and the fae. Their first meeting will be here in New Orleans. Alex has to attend as an enforcer. Rand is one of the elven leaders. Lafitte represents the Undead. Her merman friend Rene’s father is the shifter representative. D.J. has to attend the meeting because she is the local sentinel. This promises to be an explosive meeting – more so than D.J. would have guessed before it began.

If you haven’t read the earlier books in Suzanne Johnson’s Sentinels of New Orleans series, I don’t suggest you start with Pirate’s Alley. This is a bridge book. The story in Pirate’s Alley rests on the events in Elysian Fields.

Pirate’s Alley is fast moving and edge of the seat. It doesn’t have the charm of the earlier novels in the series, yet fits in well with the current events in supernatural New Orleans. It leaves the reader hanging for the next book in Johnson’s series. For supernatural fun, check out Pirate’s Alley.

Notice: Graphic fantasy violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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