Generations of Readers


My daughter’s birthday was yesterday. One of my presents to her was to keep my granddaughters overnight while she and her husband went out. The girls are now 7 and 5, old enough to be people but not near teen aged angst yet.

They know that Grandma’s house has books. They both love to read. There were a few times over night that the older girls read to her sister. I also read to her sister. Their dad (who is not a reader, but a loving dad) read to both of them. When they went to bed last night? Both girls were excited because I allowed them to take a book to bed with them. The younger one can’t read all the words, but she made up a close story to go with the pictures, then fell asleep quickly. The older one fell asleep. She read hers when she woke up.

My parents and in-laws are/were readers. They taught their children to enjoy reading. Those children passed it on to their (our) children. Now that generation (my children and cousins) are passing it on again. There’s satisfaction in knowing they have to tools to read all sorts of books and points of view and will be able to form their own opinions. Plus, I love to see them getting involved in a good story.