Further Education


Have you heard of Coursera yet? This is from their website:

We offer high quality courses from the top universities, for free to everyone. We currently host courses from Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and University of Pennsylvania. We are changing the face of education globally, and we invite you to join us.

One of my coworkers pointed it out to me, including a 4 week class on the current state of healthcare. That class tempted me. Then I looked over the curriculum. I found the class I have wanted for a while.

Fantasy and Science Fiction: The Human Mind, Our Modern World

 Ten weeks, starting in July, I get to immerse myself into a wonderful genre. The timing is great for me as well – between book club meetings. August is our month to choose books for the following year, so that gives me some extra reading time. (OK, we’re reading And Ladies of the Club in September – but I can get it in there, I’m sure.)

I wish I knew the reading list for the class. I’ve already read the two mentioned, and look forward to discussing The Left Hand of Darkness. I wonder what else we’ll be reading. Expect to hear more once I start the course.