Food Memories


In my home, one big Christmas tradition is Cookie Day. It’s a multi-generational baking fest. It has to have my mother’s home made vegetable soup simmering on the stove to offset the sugar from the cookies. We tend to not invite younger children until they are at least 11 or 12. It’s hard to bake a dozen batches of cookies with younger children underfoot. By 11 or 12 they can start helping. We have a great time and go home with a wide variety of cookies to share with others. This year it was last Sunday.

What does this have to do with reading? I just finished Hallelujah! The Welcome Table by Maya Angelou. This book is full of her friends, family, and food memories. Although none are holiday related all these memories include food.

That started me remembering. Most of my memories also include food (unless it’s trauma, like sewing my finger in the sewing machine). That’s how we’re wired – food is important in our lives. Do you go out for dinner on a first date or just meet for coffee? When someone dies, family and friends bring food. Think back – how many of your memories include food? I bet a lot.