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Last night my family decided to have a Wii Mario Cart competition. That meant we didn’t watch Twilight until tonight. I didn’t love it or hate it. I thought they did an excellent job of staying with the book. Otherwise, it was OK. Edward’s day to day makeup was a little over the top – perhaps his lips should have been paler? And while Rosalie’s and Esme’s characters both were fitting, the rest of the Cullens didn’t match my Let Me Go by Helga Schneiderperceptions. (I also still think Alexis Bledel would have made a better Bella, but I’m not the casting director.)

I’m one of those wishy-washy people when it comes to this movie. It’s OK and while I’m not going to rush to see it again, I wouldn’t mind if it came on. I have decided I don’t want to reread Twilight. Instead, I want to reread New Moon.

I also have a follow up on my post about the book Let Me Go. I started reading Apocalypse Watch by Robert Ludlum today. I mention in my post about how Americans think of Hitler’s regime. The quote in the beginning of the book by David Ansen (Newsweek, December 20, 1993) confirms the beliefs I always hear:

To any sane person there has always been an unfathomable mystery about the systematic evil the Nazi regime perpetrated. Like a moral black hole, it seems to defy the laws of nature while being part of that nature.”

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  1. Comment by Aravis:

    I thought of Alexis Bledel too. The problem is, I think, her trademark blue eyes. Bella’s are supposed to be a lovely chocolatey brown. Of course, I don’t think Stewart’s eyes quite match that description, but they’re the right color. Though Bledel could wear colored contacts, I think it would be hard to accept her with brown eyes, and it would be distracting. I know it would for me at any rate.

    I agree that the makeup was off. The actors themselves have talked about that in recent interviews. In New Moon, that’s being addressed, as are some of the hair-dying issues. I didn’t like Rosalie’s hair at all, but they’re doing something different this time. They have a better budget with New Moon, so there should be a few positive changes. :0)

    I want to reread all of the books (for what will be the millionth time), but won’t let myself until the end of the semester. They’re too distracting for me; I don’t study when I’m reading them. They’re going to be my treat to myself later.