Fiction Database Site


A few years ago there was a wonderful site (I think it was called Book Browser) that had lists of books – by author, by genre, by series, etc. It was wonderful for looking up series lists in any genre. I was in and out of that site all the time. Then Barnes and Noble bought the site and all the list pages disappeared. I was angry but couldn’t do anything about it.

Since then I found Stop, You’re Killing Me! for mysteries. If you haven’t been there yet, it’s a superb site. It’s a site of love rather than commercial, although it has Amazon, Barnes and Noble’s, and other book sellers ads. Now I always go there when I’m checking out the order of a mystery series or just looking for something new. (Mt. Bookpile is so big I haven’t looked for anything new there for a while…) Occasionally I don’t find an author I’m hunting, but it’s rare.

For science fiction and fantasy (and mystery) there is Books ‘n Bytes. It has a wonderful database. I believe I’ve found every sci fi or fantasy author I’ve ever hunted there. (I just checked their home page to check my link – they carry all genres now, but I never noticed because I always go for sci fi/fantasy. It looks like I’ll have to poke around there now.)

I know there are others, but those two sites worked for most of my needs. They don’t cover general fiction or romance, though. (Well, so I thought – see my addition above.)

Now there’s FictionDB. I’ve poked around there for the last week or so and am impressed. The first disclaimer is that for now it lists current or popular authors, especially those with series. Nora Roberts is at the top of their author search list. I’ve looked for Toni Morrison, Amy Tan, and Charles Dickens with no results. But I’ve found Jonathan Franzen and Joyce Carol Oates, neither of whom have any “series” books. I’ve searched numerous romance authors with good results.

I also like the pseudonym list. It shows Barbara Michaels as a pseudonym for Elizabeth Peters, but doesn’t show that her real name is Barbara Mertz. Until I poked around, I didn’t know that Orson Scott Card wrote a story under the name Scott Richards.

Of course all the sites have links to reviews and to bookstores like Amazon, Powell’s, or Barnes and Nobles. That makes purchasing a title you want much easier. Of course, I always like checking my public library as well…