Family and Friends


Queen of Broken Hearts by Cassandra KingWe were discussing Pride and Prejudice at my book club last night. When Darcy first proposed to Elizabeth, he admitted that she really wasn’t suitable because of her family. But he was prepared to accept them because he loved her.

I’m listening to Queen of Broken Hearts by Cassandra King. Clare, the main character, is a divorce therapist. She also talks about the need to tolerate other people involved with people who are important to us. Clare doesn’t like her best friend’s husband, but has tolerated him for over 25 years because she doesn’t want to lose her best friend.

How often do we find we have to do that in our lives – bite our tongues and accept someone we would prefer not to? My ex-husband had a friend I didn’t appreciate. But I certainly never tried to ruin their friendship. It eventually waned on its own (as did my marriage, but that’s a different story). We often don’t like our children’s friends – but have to accept them anyway, especially if the child is grown.

It’s a good lesson to remember. Learn to accept your loved one’s other family and friends or figure you’ll lose your loved one.

I also learned that Pride and Prejudice was originally named First Impressions. (I’m sure all the Jane Austen fans have known this for years.) That was a good title choice.