Expect Changes – But Not Too Soon


For the past couple years I’ve been wanting to revamp my website. To that end I spent much of 2010 trying to figure out Drupal. I never got past the learning curve.

This year I started looking at WordPress. That appears to be the better solution. I’ll have to get some professional help for the conversion but will still do most of the work. There are a LOT of books there. It’s been 13 years this week since I started the site as a small personal site. Who would have guessed then it would be where it is now? It isn’t well known but it stays busy enough.

Anyway, this blog will hopefully be rolled into the new site as well. Just don’t look to see the new site until close to the end of the year. I doubt there’s any program than can automatically convert all those pages. I bet I’ll be doing a lot of cutting and pasting…

One Comment

  1. Comment by Aravis:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

    WordPress allows you to import from Blogger, so perhaps the transition may not be as painful as you think?