Europe Reading Challenge


For my Europe reading challenge, all the books that I was able to find that take place in current day Germany (within the last 20 years or so) were suspense thriller novels. I randomly picked Robert Ludlum’s Apocalypse Watch. I’ve read about 125 pages of the 650 page novel. But I just can’t get into this book. I’m really not in the mood to read about the possible rise of the Nazi nation and all the thriller intrigue involved. Since I’m leaving next week, I guess I won’t meet this challenge. I’ll not be able to find a book in this setting and get it read before I leave.

To me, a major part of a reading challenge is to pick up something I might not have otherwise. I certainly wouldn’t have picked up A Dwarf Kingdom or Bloomability otherwise. I probably would have put off reading Into a Paris Quartier although I listed this one in my 999 challenge instead. I’d been wanting to read Mrs. ‘Arris Goes to Paris so this was a good excuse as well. I certainly wouldn’t have found Let Me Go without this challenge.

I won’t quite finish the challenge. But I did read some interesting books because of it.

I couldn’t resist it. Here’s a picture from a travel website of the mountains around Interlaken. I’ll be there myself in a couple weeks.

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  1. Comment by Aravis:

    How beautiful! You’re so lucky.