Ebook Disguises


One of the complaints about reading an ebook is the different tactile experience. You can’t feel the pages or smell the paper or appreciate the weight or even quickly glance and see how far through a book you are.

When Barnes and Noble offered The Golden Age of Science Fiction: An Anthology of 50 Short Stories for $2, I jumped on it. I love science fiction. This anthology includes stories from authors 100 years ago (Jules Verne and HG Wells) through those still writing (Ben Bova). It was not on my By the End of 2010 Challenge, but it was close after.

I started it last week in the midst of chaos, thinking it would be an easy read. It is, but it’s deceptive. It has over 800 pages. The first story is not a short story but a novella that is around 175 pages (about 75 pages too long IMO after I finished it). I’m thoroughly enjoying the stories.

I have to chuckle when I’m reading some of the older ones (50’s and 60’s especially). These men are traveling through space and have whatever difficulties that they have to fix. More than one of them have whipped out their trusty slide rules to figure the higher math. One even had computers mentioned for navigation but the engineer still used his slide rule. Do people in the higher maths learn how to use a slide rule any more (in case of power failure)? Or is that now a museum piece?

Returning to the disguise. If I had the book in hardcopy, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up yet. With Mt. Bookpile so high, I tend to choose books w under 450 pages. But who can tell the size of an ebook until after you’ve opened it? You certainly can’t just by looking at the title on your ereader. The up side there? The ereader isn’t nearly as heavy as the book would be.


  1. Comment by Aravis:

    That’s too funny! You make a good argument, but I’m still sticking to actual books. :0)

  2. Comment by Mrs. Undomestic:

    One more reason I’m getting a Nook for my birthday (I’m so excited!)

  3. Comment by vernongetzler:

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