Doctor Zhivago


My book club read Doctor Zhivago this month (as I’ve mentioned before). We met last night. I finished it Sunday, which gave me time to think about the novel before our meeting.

After listening to the others in the group, I’ve decided one of my problems with the book is because I’m reading a translation and it’s uneven in its flow. Admittedly, the political scenes bored me. The characters, though, are shaped by the politics in Russia at the time, and the story would be very different without the upheaval.

One of our members is a Russian immigrant. She brought the native perspective and talked to us about Russia and Pasternak and the history that lead up to this book. It was very interesting to hear what she said. This is one of her favorite books of all time. It wasn’t allowed to be published in Russia until the late 1980’s. Thanks to her for the lessons that help fill out the book.