Dear Jim Butcher,


What? How could you let Harry Dresden sell his soul to (unnamed bad guy). So what if he has a bad physical problem? OK, his daughter (whoa! But this information isn’t a spoiler. It’s in the first line of the book) is kidnapped. I get that. But selling his soul? And letting (unnamed good guy) get shot down like that???

From reading your tweets, I’m also guessing that this novel, Changes, ends on a cliffhanger. This is absolutely terrible. I knew I shouldn’t have started it until early next year before the next one comes out. But I’m more than half way through Changes. I have to keep going now. The only reason I know Harry lives is that he is the first person narrator of the book. Then I’m going to mutter at you for the next 9 or 10 months for the next book in the Dresden Files.

This is book 12 in the series. At one book a year of a 20 book arc, with a trilogy after that to tie everything up, I just hope I live that long. But I’m telling you right now. If I find I’m on my death bed, I’m sending you an email. I want you to then send me the story arc for the rest of the books in the series so I know what happens to Harry before I die.

I’m just sayin’… (Yes, I’m probably too vested in this series.)


  1. Comment by kaikhor:

    Now I want to read this even more. In fact, I want to re-read everything too.

  2. Comment by Aravis:

    I know I keep saying this, but I really have to start reading this series. I loved the show.