Creativity of Reading


I’m finally getting to First Among Sequels, the latest Thursday Next novel by Jasper Fforde. I hadn’t expected an older (slightly) more sedate Thursday. But we quickly learn she isn’t quite as she appears.

The Thursday Next novels are about books and reading. I found this quote that gives a different perspective on the creativity of the writing and reading process:

“Reading, I had learned, was as creative a process as writing, sometimes more so. When we read of the dying of the setting sun or the boom and swish of the incoming tide, we should reserve as much praise for ourselves as the author. After all, the reader is doing all the work–the writer may have died long ago.”

When reviewing books we tend to see how well it’s written, etc, usually praising the author. But we shouldn’t forget what we, as the reader, brings to the activity. If you’re a reader your mental input is as important as the writer’s words. Don’t say you’re not creative, you are.