Connie Willis


Around 20 years ago I first discovered and got hooked on Connie Willis’ work. I remember the first short stories that impressed me were “Even the Queen” and “The Last Dog in America”. Since then when I come across her work I pick it up. I finally was able to have my book club read her Doomsday Book next month. I also was tickled to see that Nancy Pearl devotes one section of Book Lust to Ms.Willis’ writing.

Her observant eye about people lead me to believe her wit makes her a comfortable sounding author. I quickly felt I would love to have her for a dinner guest to sit and talk. I was we would get along well and have fun visits.

Her newest book Blackout was released this month and she is on a book tour for it. One of her first stops was at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore here in San Diego. I was one of the first people in line and in the front row when she spoke. After listening to her talk, then talking to her twice while I had books signed, I believe that even more now. She’s down to earth and funny.

Connie, do you want to have lunch some time???