Conference and Graduation Over


The MLA conference in Chicago ended and I flew home to meet out-of-town family who are visiting for my younger daughter’s college graduation. After the graduation were the parties and the family get togethers. The last one is tomorrow, then family flies home and on Wednesday I return to work.

On my way out through the first night of the conference, I read two and one half books (finished Pitch Black, then read Starshine and Second Sight). After that I picked up No Defense by Kate Wilhelm to read throughout the rest of my (little) reading time at the conference and finished it on the way home. On the flight home I started Mrs. Mike. (Have I mentioned how much I like flying because it’s a good time to read?) I finally finished it this morning in between parties and gatherings.

That means five books came off Mt. Bookpile during that time. But I added two more since I came home. My brother was buying a book for my daughter’s graduation present, so I bought one at Barnes and Noble. Then I HAD to show off Mysterious Galaxy, and (of course) bought something there as well. I’ve now added two books to Mt. Bookpile. Of the five I took off, two were received in the last month. That means I’ve only removed one book net from Mt. Bookpile. It is a never ending battle that Mt. Bookpile will win…