Zombies of the Gene Pool by Sharyn McCrumb


Zombies of the Gene Pool by Sharyn McCrumbCozy Mystery Zombies of the Gene PoolSharyn McCrumb; Ballantine Books 1993WorldCatJay Omega, college professor and closet science fiction author, and his companion Marion are asked to accompany another professor down memory lane. Erik Giles, an English professor at their university, is also a closet science fiction author. His book had been published about 35 years previously, when he was still young and part of a group of science fiction nerds.

This group of nerds had lived in eastern Tennessee and had a commune of sorts while they encouraged each others’ writing and argued and bickered as well. After this group of young men broke up, some of them went on to be famous in the science fiction field or stayed in fandom. Others faded into real life, some successful, some not so. Before they left, they buried a time capsule. Then the valley was flooded for the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Now, over thirty years later, the valley is being drained for repairs to the Breedlove dam. The group is getting back together to dig up the capsule. The Hollywood mogul turns it into a media event. Erik Giles has been invited back to the reunion. He brings Jay and Marilyn with him because of failing health. Surprises and secrets to be revealed await the men when they gather once more.

Zombies of the Gene Pool is a light hearted mystery that will especially appeal to the die hard science fiction fan. The story is humorous as science fiction fandom has fun poked at it. The murder mystery is only the side story of this novel. People involved in any sort of group of fans will identify. Jay Omega is also featured in Bimbos of the Death Sun.

This book is a fun way to relax for a couple hours.

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