Zombie Lover by Piers Anthony


FantasyZombie Lover (Xanth) Zombie LoverPiers Anthony; Tor Fantasy 1999WorldCatZombie Lover is the newest installment of the Xanth series. We have some favorite characters return, including Bink and Chameleon. We meet new characters, including one of the main characters, Breanna, a girl from the Black Village.

Breanna is unusual even for Xanth. She is a Mundanian who obtained magical powers. Magical powers are common in Xanth, but only in those inhabitants who are born there. Those who immigrate from Mundania have a fascinating new place to live, but watch their children and grandchildren benefit from the magic. Breanna cannot remember why, but she was given special dispensation and now has the talent to see perfectly in the dark.

Breanna is out wandering too far from home one night. As morning approaches, she sees an inviting bed in a sheltered area. She decides to sleep there for the day. She is so tired she misses the sign “Pavilion of Love”. She is awakened by a zombie king kissing her. That is when she discovers that is a place where maidens go when they want to marry, and they must marry whoever finds them there. Even though Xeth is the Zombie king, Breanna is not ready to be married, especially to a zombie! She runs away to the Good Magician to see what she can do to avoid this fate.

The zombies all start looking for her. When the zombies are out and about, it usually means trouble in Xanth. King Dor, his father Bink, and his son, Dolph, begin a search for the Zombie Master, Jonathan. Jonathan, though, is on a quest of his own to find a permanent home for the zombies. They follow him.

I have read all of the Xanth novels up until now. I know there are over 20 of them now, and have lost track of the number. These fantasy novels are fun for those who love puns. They can get wearing at times. Yet Anthony still throws in new twists and puns to keep these stories fresh. If you have never read any of the Xanth series, start with the first one, A Spell for Chameleon. It’s the best set up anyone could give for these books.

I enjoyed this one well enough. I was glad to see Bink actively involved in a story again. Part of their quest took them to Ida’s moons (you’d have to have read earlier ones to understand) and I have not been a fan of the lands on her moons. Breanna’s story based in familiar Xanth itself was well done, especially the Isle of Women.

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