Zoe’s Tale by John Scalzi

Science FictionZoe's Tale by John Scalzi Zoe’s Tale John Scalzi; Tor Science Fiction 2009

New colonists come from many places. Zoe lived on Huckleberry with her adopted parents and two alien bodyguards. (Her birth father gave their race a special gift and now Zoe is their hero.) The Colonial Defense Force sought out her parents to help start a new colony. Any new human colony is under threat from an alien race that prohibits any new planet’s human colony.

Now teen-aged Zoe and her parents, John and Jane, are joining a new colony that is under threat of destruction. The other colonists come from other colonies rather than from Earth. When the colony ship emerges into normal space, they discover they aren’t where they expected to be. No one knows where they are and they don’t have any protection provided by the Colonial Defense Force. To hide from the aliens, the colonists have to give up all their electronics or anything.

Zoe’s Tale is a light story about alien encounters, people readjusting to their situation, prejudice, bravery,  consciousness. and hero worship. John Scalzi wrote Zoe’s Tale as a counterpoint to his previous novel in the Old Man’s War series, The Last Colony. It is written from Zoe’s point of view, and fills in a couple holes from the earlier book.

This young adult book isn’t deep but is fun. Zoe is a normal teen who loves her family but it trying to kick her bonds and her history. Zoe’s Tale is in her voice with the frustrations and joys of new life and love, growing up, and large world politics.

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