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Without Due Process Without Due ProcessJ. A. Jance; Avon 1993WorldCatJ.P. Beaumont is at home with his lawyer when the call comes in – a policeman and his family were killed in their home. His partner, Big Al Lindstrom, and he respond. The dead policeman, Benjamin Weston, had been one of Big Al’s good friends. “Gentle Ben” also was black. When the murder happens, racial tensions had already been running high within the Seattle Police Department. If this investigation isn’t handled correctly, those tensions could explode.

The Weston family is dead – all except the five-year-old who hid from the bad men when they hurt his sister. Another boy who was staying at the Weston home that night is also dead. A task force is formed. J.P. is assigned that part of the case. Big Al is barred from the investigation because of his friendship with Gentle Ben. The head detective is a glory hunter who does not get along with J.P.

J.P. does some digging and starts uncovering some unsettling evidence. Gentle Ben had been working with the Seattle gangs. They claim they are not responsible for his death. Some of the evidence leads to another group. J.P is hoping he is wrong as he continues to investigate.

In Without Due Process Jance again gives the reader a good detective novel. Seattle is brought to life in the background of the book. The twists in the novel are good misdirections and clues. It also furthers the personal story of J.P. Beaumont and his first partner, Ron Peters. The end of Without Due Process is very satisfying.

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