Witch and Wizard: The Gift by James Patterson and Ned Rust


FantasyTweenWitch and Wizard: The Gift by James Patterson and Ned Rust The GiftJames Patterson; Little, Brown 2010WorldCatWhit and Wisty Allgood were able to escape the One Who Is the One’s prisons and get into Freeland. Now they are the leaders of a resistance – other kids like them hiding out from the New Order. They are learning more about their own magic powers and what they can do. They know they and their parents are wanted people. The New Order has decreed the whole Allgood family are traitors and must be executed.

Hiding out in Freeland isn’t easy. So when an underground rock concert is scheduled, Wisty has to go. Whit stays behind at their base. To Wisty’s disgust Byron Swain also has to go to the concert. A group of them go and have a great time. But after some strange “kids” appear at their hideout, Whit gets worried. He goes to the concert to get Wisty before it is too late. They discover too late that the One Who Is the One especially wants Wisty – and her Gift, her magic power. He wants to take it from her to strengthen himself. If he can’t get it, she and her family will die.

Witch and Wizard: The Gift is the second in the series. While there is some explanation of the first book for the reader who missed it, it’s still better to read the first book before this one. The narrative switches between Whit and Wisty in their first person voice. Occasionally there is a switch to a third overview voice showing what is happening in the New Order.

James Patterson has teamed up with Ned Rust for the second Witch and Wizard: The Gift. Once again the book is fast paced. Whit and Wisty are always on the run or fighting. They have their occasional off moments, like when Wisty is singing at the underground music festival.

Although similar to our Earth, Witch and Wizard: The Gift takes place on another world. Patterson and Rust throw in references that remind me of the 1960’s. For example, the music festival is called Stockwood (not Woodstock) and later they use a song by the How for a magic spell – The Magic Truck (the Who’s Magic Bus?).

I enjoyed Witch and Wizard: The Gift. I had thought it was the end of the story, I don’t know why. It isn’t – there’s at least one more book in the series.

The One Who Is the One is overly melodramatic. He cackles like the best evil villain. Of course the target age is older middle school and young high school teens. He doesn’t appear to have any layers, but is pure black. Whit and Wisty are more developed, of course. They are the obvious white to oppose the black. I’m not sure if Patterson has decided what to do with Byron Swain yet. The character is all over the place.

Young adult fantasy is very popular right now. Witch and Wizard and Witch and Wizard: The Gift both hold up under the onslaught of novels available for that group. Witch and Wizard: The Fire is due out later this year.

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