Winter Moon by Dean R. Koontz


ParanormalParanormal Mystery

Winter Moon Winter MoonDean Koontz; Bantam 2001WorldCatJack McGarvey is a Los Angeles policeman who is injured while taking a call. As he adjusts to months of rehab his wife and son adjust to living in a frightening city where police and their families are often considered the bad guy. Heather and Toby have to learn to ignore the harassing they receive for belonging to Jack.

Eduardo Fernandez lives on an isolated ranch in Montana. He witnesses strange lights and happenings. The stand of trees close to the house emanates a glow he cannot explain. Animals act like they are observing him and his actions. Although a realist all his life, Eduardo discovers he is afraid of the unknown for the first time in over seventy years.

Eduardo’s son had been Jack’s partner. The two families become connected and the McGarveys find themselves in Montana. The threat spreads to their family. Young Toby is especially vulnerable. Heather and Jack find themselves up against an enemy they cannot comprehend.

This is not a secret – I am not fond of horror. But having read Fear Nothing and Seize the Night I knew I had to try something else of Koontz’s work. This is regular supernatural horror. The first few chapters caught my interest, but then the writing fell off. This is average to mediocre horror. It does not grip like Fear Nothing and is fairly predictable. If I had read this first, I would not have bothered with any more by Dean Koontz. I’m glad I started with something better of his.

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