Widow’s Walk by Robert B. Parker



Widow's walk Widow’s WalkRobert B. Parker; Putnam’s 2002WorldCatRita Fiore is a good lawyer with an unusual client. Mary Smith is accused of murdering her older husband, Nathan Smith. Smith was shot to death in his bed. She was downstairs watching television and never heard a thing. Her intelligence level is…dumb. She is so out of tune with the realities of life Fiore and later Spenser wonder if she is faking. Fiore hires Spenser to look into the matter even though the lawyer thinks her client is probably guilty.

Spenser starts asking around. The first of Mary Smith’s “friends” he approaches are the people on the guest list to her many fund raisers. He starts pulling at threads, hoping something will happen. Shortly, he discovers he is being followed and watched. When the watchers become more active in their pursuit, Spenser knows he is starting to come across something. He still doesn’t know what so he keeps looking.

More people start dying. Are these accidents, suicides, or murders related to his investigation? Was Nathan Smith involved in something more than running his family bank?

Spenser starts out to prove or disprove Mary Smith shot her husband. He could not have guessed where his search leads him. Parker once again takes the reader all over. Spenser is is usual, wisecracking self. Susan has patient problems that add a sideline story that completes the novel. This is a good yarn, not overly deep in story but enjoyable nevertheless.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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