When’s the Doctor? by Jorge Santillan


Science FictionChildrenWhen's the Doctor? by Jorge SantillanWhere’s Waldo? Er, um, When’s the Doctor?

This brightly illustrated book is perfect for the young Doctor Who fan – like my granddaughters. It’s also fun for us adult fans. I admit I bought the book for me. But they both like the I Spy type books and will have a great time looking for the Doctor, his companions Amy and Rory, and the TARDIS on the different pages.

Jorge Santillan drew these cheerful pages using different time periods from many of the different Doctors – including the Aztecs, ancient Egypt, Metebelis III, and the TARDIS graveyard among others. Aliens of all sorts can also be found in these drawings. The reader can search for Judoon, Sontarans, Adipose, and Daleks. The Roman Centurian often shows up, as do policemen, Vikings, and cave men. At the end of When’s the Doctor? Santillan adds lists of extra things to search for on the pages – like five green hats, an Ood, or a mummy.

While the pages of When’s the Doctor? are busy, they aren’t overwhelming, making them good for younger readers – first to third grade or so. Yet I found them difficult enough to keep my attention as I kept looking for them. The TARDIS is partly hidden on most pages. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory are also half hidden sometimes, like in the Weeping Angels’ graveyard.

When’s the Doctor? is good for any younger reader who likes the searching puzzle pictures books – even if they have no clue who Doctor Who is. It’s even better for any fan of the British television series. It’s fun and challenging.

Clara, the Doctor’s next companion, is supposed to be in When’s the Doctor? on one of the pages. I’m still looking.

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