When the Bough Breaks by Jonathan Kellerman


SuspenseWhen the Bough Breaks (Alex Delaware Novels) When the Bough BreaksJonathan Kellerman; Bantam 1994WorldCat

Dr. Alex Delaware is a retired child psychologist. He’s only in his mid-thirties, but had been driven all his life. When he was 32, a man committed suicide in his office. After that, he started having his own stress overtake him, so Alex took his self-made fortune and retired. At the time of the suicide, he met and befriended the policeman who was in charge of the case. Milo Sturgis remained a friend after the investigation was finished.

Milo lets himself into Alex’s home that is just north of Bel Air in the Los Angeles area. A psychiatrist had been murdered the night before, along with his girlfriend. There was one potential witness. She is 7 years old and frightened. She’s not sure if she saw anything. Milo is hoping Alex will talk with Melody, calm her down, and help her remember what she may or may not have seen.

Alex, who has been lazing around for the past year, gets pulled in. His old, over-achieving self, won’t let go once he gets involved. The more Milo discusses the case, the more Alex wants to know. He starts following up on leads on his own. He brushes up on his martial arts. He guesses something is deeper than it seems – but he doens’t know how much danger he will be in before the mystery is solved.

When the Bough Breaks is fascinating and involving. Alex is an intriguing character that it will be fun to discover in further books. This novel is well crafted, with unexpected twists and connections right to the end. When the Bough Breaks is a superb novel, and a must read for suspense afficianados.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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