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We'll meet again We’ll Meet AgainMary Higgins Clark; Pocket 2000WorldCat

Molly Lash was in prison for over five years for killing her physician husband. She had discovered he had an affair with a nurse at the hospital. She was found in a daze, covered with his blood. She is now out on parole. She admits that all indications are that she killed Dr. Lash. Yet she feels she could not have done it.

Fran Simmons had gone to the exclusive high school with Molly. After her father’s suicide she and her mother had moved to the West Coast. She has returned to New York as a TV special reporter. She has been assigned to do a true crime show about the Lash murder. Molly also asks her to do the show.

The evidence over five years before was compelling. Everyone, including both her best friend and her lawyer, believed she killed her husband in an act of passion. Fran comes to believe Molly did not do it. The more she investigates, the more questions she uncovers. What is wrong at the hospital where Dr. Lash had been in charge?

Once again Ms. Clark weaves a tale that is a nail biter. I’ve read enough of her work to guess different ways the story will go. I even guessed early on the real murderer, although I had no shred of proof or motive. It was only because of Ms. Clark’s style of writing. That didn’t make the story any less chilling or compelling. We’ll Meet Again is a wonderful edge-of-your seat telling.

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