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Welcome, ChaosKate Wilhelm; Blackstone Audio Inc. 2007WorldCatWhen her leave of absence request was denied, Lyle Taney quit her position as professor at a university. Instead, she moved to the Oregon coast to observe an eagle’s nest for documentation for a book. She had written one that had some success about hawks. But it wasn’t in her major, history, so the university denied her request.

What Lyle doesn’t know is that she has been set up. She is approached by a man claiming to be working for the government. Her isolated cabin is near another cabin with two men living in it. Lasater, the government man, wants her to get the older man to hold something and leave fingerprints. Then she is to smuggle the item to Lasater. His bosses believe the older man is a threat, but need to verify his id first. They don’t want to pick up the wrong person on a good supposition that may be wrong.

Once Lyle meets the two men, Saul Werther and his young companion, Carmen, she knows she can’t do what Lasater wants. Instead, she finds herself coming under Saul’s influence. Soon she finds herself involved in a secret she never could have imagined.

What if you owned a drug that could make people immortal? But it kills half the people who take it and makes women sterile. Is it worth it? What if the enemy power gets it before your own government? How can you control something so potentially dangerous?

Kate Wilhelm has been publishing novels for almost 50 years. She has won both Hugo and Nebula awards for her science fiction works. She has written across genres, and is now focused back on mysteries. Welcome, Chaos is one of her well written “what if” novels.

She delves into all the ethical questions involved with the possibility of a genetic drug like the immortality drug in this book. This book was written during the 1980’s when the Cold War was a very real presence. She examines the possibilities of one powerful government getting this drug before the other. Lyle Taney is the person caught in the middle and is a good character for exposing all the potential problems.

Read this book – it makes you consider another “what if” about genetic manipulation and man’s future.

Notice:  Suggestive dialogue or situations

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