Vortex by Cherry Adair


Romantic SuspenseRomantic SuspenseVortex by Cherry AdairWhile searching for a sunken treasure ship, Logan Cutter pulls an injured woman out of the ocean. Dani Rosado lies to Logan as to why she’s in the water in the middle of nowhere off the coast of Peru. He can’t just dump her back in the water, so Cutter keeps her on the ship with his crew as they search. Dani knows the history of the treasure they are trying to find and is there to help them. Admittedly, she didn’t want to be there, but she’s on the run and her cousins dumped her to get to Logan.

The first thing Dani does is lead Logan to the map where the treasure really is rather than where they are looking. According to her family’s lore, the treasure was removed from the flag ship and sailed away to protect the precious emeralds and other cargo, but it was caught in a storm and sunk further south. She wants to stay hidden away in the middle of the Pacific on Logan’s ship. No one from her real world should find her there. Helping Logan find the treasure keeps her on board. Now she wants to protect him from her cousins. Even more, she wants to protect herself from the evil man who is hunting her.

Logan hates liars. He knows Dani is lying to him about why she was in the ocean. But instead of immediately taking her to the mainland, he keeps her on board. She obviously knows more about the treasure than she is letting on. He wouldn’t have found the map if she hadn’t “innocently” pointed it out to him. What else does she know?

Vortex is a romantic suspense full of treasure hunters, bad families, good families, a steamy romance, and greedy evil people. Cherry Adair reveals Dani’s secrets slowly so the full impact of her trouble hits harder once Dani finally reveals all to Logan. Adair’s hints throughout keep the reader pulled in.

The romance enhances the build up of the suspense. Vortex uses the classic “I can’t trust her but I can’t resist her” plot. Adair makes it believable for Logan to change his own normal actions to take on this woman and her problems.  Dani is an honest character caught in a bad situation whose inner guilt convinces her to reveal her story to Logan, albeit slowly.

Sunken treasure and hot romance. A woman in trouble and a man who rescues her. Vortex keeps the reader satisfied.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Non-graphic violence, Strong language

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