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ParanormalSuspenseVampyres of Hollywood by Adrienne Barbeau and Michael Scott

Vampyres of HollywoodAdrienne Barbeau; Thomas Dunne Books/St. Martin’s Press 2008WorldCatThree of Hollywood’s stars are murdered…OK, so that’s Hollywood. Although murders aren’t usually that close in time. Nor usually are all three well known, including a Best Actor Oscar winner (killed with the statue itself, no less). Finally, all three started working in Hollywood with Ovsanna Moore, the Scream Queen of horror movies. She also is the owner of Anticipation Studios, the producer of many of those horror movies. Ovsanna knows one more thing about them – all three were vampyres. So is she. In fact, the is the Chatelaine of Hollywood of the vampyre world.

Peter King is a Beverly Hills police detective assigned the Cinema Slayings case. He grew up there and knows the movie business. He even brushed with it a bit. He decided to be a policeman like his father. His mother had been a small time actress, then became involved in Hollywood catering, then moved on to selling Hollywood trivia. He knows Hollywood is a business town – and that business is full of actors and liars behind the camera as well as in front of it.

Ovsanna isn’t sure whether she should be concerned or not. It could be coincidence that the three A-list victims were related to her. When the props manager at her studio gets murdered as well, she is fairly certain someone is targeting her.

Peter wonders if the sultry Ovsanna Moore had something to do with the murders. He has to investigate her as well as the clues to the murders. When her junior business partner is murdered in a particularly gruesome manner, he is sure she is involved. She is now sure another vampyre is out to get her.

Another group of vampyres gather to give her a warning. Clean up this problem in Hollywood or else. She may be long-lived, but the other vampyres are powerful and could bring her down. Peter King is watching her closely. And what would this do to her box office ratings???

Vampyres of Hollywood is an unexpected book. It is gory, sexy, noir, and funny. In another author’s hands it could be dark, eerie, and horrific. Instead, Adrienne Barbeau and Michael Scott keep the tone light. Vampyres of Hollywood stays humorous throughout the book, even in some of the goriest scenes. Barbeau is able to put her knowledge of the working Hollywood to good use in Vampyres of Hollywood.

Scott and Barbeau use a dual voice format in this tale. Half of the chapters are told in first person narrative by the 500-year-old Ovsanna. The other half are written in first person narrative by Peter King, the policeman who has known Hollywood his whole life. It is Ovsanna’s perspective that keeps Vampyres of Hollywood on the humorous side. Compared to some blood baths she has seen throughout her life, Hollywood is a piece of cake to handle.

Vampyres of Hollywood is not a book to be appreciated by everyone. It is gory and vulgar. There were times I know I didn’t like it – the club scene was the worst. Yet Barbeau and Scott deftly keep the story lighter. Their witty, at times biting, humor carries the story through.

Notice:  Graphic violence, Strong indecent language, Suggestive dialogue or situations

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