Up Jumps the Devil by Margaret Maron



Up Jumps the Devil (Deborah Knott Mysteries) Up Jumps the DevilMargaret Maron; Grand Central Publishing 1997WorldCatAn old friend and neighbor of Judge Deborah Knott’s family has been killed. When she visits the widow, she unwittingly helps unmask the people who caused the death. Because of Dallas Stancil’s death, more things begin to happen. His father, Jap Stancil, is now left alone. Jap’s nephew, Allen Stancil, returns to town. Allen is part of Deborah’s wild past – a part she would rather forget.

Her brother returns to North Carolina as well. Adam is considering selling his small tract of land to the local house developers. It turns out Jap Stancil has also been approached to sell a portion of his land. Another bordering neighbor has sold his. Then Jap Stancil is also found dead. Was it because of the land? Was it his nephew? His wife’s neice? Or his son’s widow and her family? What worth did he have?

Once again Maron brings North Carolina and the Knotts to life. Deborah is a wonderful character, yet does not overwhelm the mystery presented here. It is a blend suspenseful and funny situations making for anther winner in the series. Once again, the book stands well on its own as well as being part of a series. I recommend it. Can you figure out who the killer is?

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