Under Her Skin by Susan Mallery


Romantic Suspense Under Her Skin by Susan MalleryUnder Her SkinSusan Mallery; HQN 2009WorldCatHer spa is doing well. Lexi will be able to use it as an example to show her father she is worthy of his love. Jed Titan values business more than he values his daughters. Then her anonymous backer suddenly calls in his two million dollar loan. Lexi has about a month to find that much money. She doesn’t have it and will not approach her her sisters or their wealthy father for a loan. Then Cruz Rodriguez appears from out of her past and offers a solution.

Cruz was a short-lived, very important man from Lexis’ teen age years. She doesn’t know he purposefully sought her out, making it appear to be a coincidence they are at the same party. When they start talking, Lexi admits she has a problem and is thinking it through. Cruz persuades her to tell him what is wrong and what she needs. He offers to lend her the money. There is one catch, though. He wants her to use her connections to introduce him to Texas society. The best way to do that is to pose as his fiancee.

Lexi is shocked. She has never forgotten Cruz or how they parted. Could this work? Could she live with him under that pretense? He makes his terms plain – she will stay in his home and in his bed. He suggests a year. As she rapidly thinks it through, she counters with three months. They compromise for a six month time span, starting in two weeks. The next day he writes her a check and she pays off the loan. Two weeks later she moves into his mansion.

There is something else going on as well. Lexi asks Cruz to find out the identity of her anonymous benefactor who then suddenly called in her loan. When other strange problems and complaints start occurring to different family members. Lexi thinks there may be more. Who is attacking the Titan family and why?

Neither of her sisters, nor anyone else, is aware of why she is engaged to Cruz. She does confess all to her best friend because she has to have someone to talk to. Dana, though, will not tell her sisters. Even Dana doesn’t know the whole truth. Lexi realizes she is falling in love with Cruz. She knows she’s only means to an end for him. He needs her society connection to get the upper crust to accept him. He may be successful and wealthy, but to many of them he is still the kid from the barrio. Lexi sees how those people react to Cruz before and after they announce their engagement. It’s wrong and she’s willing to help him. But can she stay with him knowing she’s going to lose him at the end of six months?

Under Her Skin is the first novel in Susan Mallery’s Titan sisters series. Their father has told his daughters, Lexi, Skye, and Izzy, that only one of them will inherit the Titan wealth. He will decide which one is worthy. Basically, Jed Titan has pitted three loving sisters against each other because all of them want their father’s attention and love – the thing he has never given them.

In keeping with her other romances, Mallery’s Under Her Skin is quick, sexy fun. Lexi is a smart woman who knows she has daddy issues but also knows she keeps striving for Jed’s acceptance. Cruz has issues with his father as well but they’re very different from hers. His father also is not a good role model. Cruz is concerned he has his father in him, so refuses to allow himself close relationships with anyone except his mother. Even his teenage daughter can’t get close to him.

Under Her Skin is a hot romance that’s a great bit of escape. It’s a book for the beach or a lazy rainy afternoon. Lexi, Skye, Izzy, and Dana, as well as Cruz, will pull the reader right in.

Notice: Explicit sexual content

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