Two Graves by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child


Science FictionParanormal SuspenseTwo Graves by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child Two Graves
Douglas J. Preston; Lincoln Child; Grand Central Pub. 2012

Just when he found her after twelve years, FBI Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast watches as his wife is kidnapped by a mysterious group of men. He is certain they are Nazis who are operating out of Brazil. He chases them, following them from New York to Florida to Mexico. In Mexico he loses his quarry and Helen. He returns to New York City and isolates himself.

Lieutenant Vinnie D’Agosta is given the lead of a task forces to investigate a bizarre murder. A young man murders a woman in her hotel room and leaves a grisly scene behind. He is seen on the hotel cameras in the hallway, attacking the woman and pushing her into her room. seen leaving her room, seen taking the elevator, and standing around the lobby for a while before he casually walks out. The man seems to know he is on camera but doesn’t care. He leaves his fingerprints and DNA behind, along with something extra, making the scene even more gruesome.

After the second, similar murder in another hotel, D’Agosta breaks in on Pendergast’s isolation. Pendergast throws D’Agosta out. But he picks up the file after D’Agosta leaves and starts reading. Something in that file catches his attention. Perdergast realizes it’s time to join society again, at least somewhat. After screwing up the case and getting D’Agosta in trouble, Pendergast knows he has to go to Brazil and finish up his personal quest.

Two Graves is the third of one of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s Pendergast trilogies. Fever Dream and Cold Vengeance started Helen’s story, with Two Graves bringing her story all together – and leading to an unexpected future for Pendergast. Other minor stories are included here as well. Dr. Felder starts working to get Constance Green discharged from the criminal mental institution. Corrie Swanson finds her father. Captain Laura Hayward convinces Vinnie D’Agosta he can’t always protect Pendergast and the couple comes to a closer understanding.

The beginning of Two Graves starts with a kidnapping and a cross country chase. The action slows down occasionally, but not often, especially around Pendergast. The final scenes in Brazil are over the top – nobody is THAT good, except, of course, in fiction. Preston and Child make it exciting and almost plausible. Their touch is deft as they put their hero into impossible situations. Their antagonist is impossible as well – and might return in a future novel.

Fast, breathtaking, with human touches – Two Graves is unbelievable and exciting and will please any suspense/thriller fan.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong language

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