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Tribulation force Tribulation ForceTim F. LaHaye; Tyndale House Publishers 1996WorldCatRayford Steele and his daughter Chloe are settling into post-Rapture life in Chicago. Rayford misses his wife and son, but knows they will meet again in Heaven. In the meantime, they want to watch world events and live their truth – their salvation in Jesus Christ. Cameron “Buck” Williams has been reassigned to his weekly magazine’s Chicago office, but he hasn’t lost his big story writing job. He is happy with the reassignment even if it is supposed to be punishment. Now he can be near Chloe and their mentor Bruce Barnes. He knows he, Rayford, and Chloe still have a lot to learn about their faith. Bruce is the person to help train them.

Nicholae Carpathia is the new director of the United Nations. He also is taking over the world, becoming the predicted anti-Christ. Buck had personal experience of Carpathia’s evilness. He had witnessed Carpathia murder two men, but no one else in the room remembers the events the way they happened.

Events are moving quickly. They can see the beginning of the predicted Tribulation. They see Carpathia taking over the world. There are two prophets in Jeruselum who cannot be silenced or hurt. The world is moving to one currency. Communications companies are consolidating. Yes, the Tribulation is coming.

What Rayford and Buck don’t expect is Carpathia’s interest in them. He wants both of them to work for him in their special capacities. Nor do they expect the actions of the President of the United States. Bruce is trying to mentor them as well as beginning to minister to the world. He wants to share the truth he wouldn’t accept until too late to stay with his family.

In this sequel to Left Behind, LaHaye and Jenkins use fiction to explore the prophecies of the End Times described in the Christian New Testament. They have done an excellent job in these first two novels (and, I understand, the rest of the series). While Tribulation Force doesn’t have the in-the-face impact of Left Behind, it is a worthy follow up. I found myself forgetting these were fictional characters and chiding them or cheering for them.

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