To Catch a Cat by Marian Babson


Cozy Mystery

To catch a cat To Catch a CatMarian Babson; St. Martin’s Minotaur 2000WorldCat

Nils Nordling murders his wife one night in a premeditated anger. He also throws her cat against the wall, knowing the cat would also die this night. But the cat disappears. And Nordling sees a small person running from the house. Now what? Well he can blame his wife’s death on the housebreaker. Then he can find the cat and the burglar and dispatch both of them. If he can find them……

Eleven-year-old Robin had entered the Nordling’s home to take the cat on a dare so he can join the local gang. He hears Nordling’s attack on his wife, finds the cat unconscious against the wall. He grabs the cat and runs. He realizes that Mr. Nordling has discovered his presence. Now he has to hide the prize winning cat and stay away from Nordling.

Robin is staying with his aunt while his mother is on her extended honeymoon to her second husband. His aunt’s live in companion does not like Robin and does not want him in the house. He tends to rule everything in the house and she placates him, but she insists the child stay with them. Robin knows he has to be careful. Now he has to hide the cat in the house as well.

The mystery in this enjoyable light novel is not “who done it?” but rather “will he get away with it?”. Babson catches Robin’s worries and indecisions as he falls in love with the cat, tries to be accepted by his peers at school, and hides from Mr. Nordling. Nordling’s frustration is obvious as he tries to find the cat and the housebreaker. Aunt Mag’s companion Josh is a caricature, but she is fairly believable as well. Once again, Babson writes a story that is good escapism to a plausible world.

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