Tin Star by Cecil Castellucci


Young AdultScience FictionTin Star by Cecil CastellucciTula Bane was traveling on a colonization spaceship with her mother and sister. They left Earth and are going to form a new Humans only planet society in the outer reaches of the Imperium universe. But she got off the ship for a few moments on the space station Yertina Feray, was beaten and left for dead, and missed the ship’s re-launch. She was able to get to a window in time to see her space ship explode when it was entering the light jump. Now she is alone and without any family in a station full of aliens who disdain Humans.

She has been abandoned with no money, no friends, and badly injured. Since Tula isn’t officially on the station, she can’t be recognized as a citizen. She is befriended by Heckleck, an alien who helps her learn the ropes of bartering to stay alive. She creates a hidey hole home for herself in the underguts of the ship and takes messages around the ship, earning favors as she procures the items others want. She knows she won’t get back to Earth. Occasionally she goes to the arboretum and stares out the windows at the planet below. She fantasizes escaping the station and taking revenge against the man responsible for her being left behind. But she knows she’ll be lucky if she earns her way out of the underguts.

A few years later, three more Humans unexpectedly arrive on Yertina Feray. They had been on their way to one of the colonies to reintegrate them with Earth now that the political climate of the Imperium has changed. But their ship had an accident and they were the only survivors. They rent quarters as they wait for answers to their messages to Earth, the Imperium, and the Human liaison to the Imperium. Tula has been away from Earth and her people too long. She is frightened of them and avoids them. At the same time, they may be her chance to escape from the space station.

Tin Star is a young adult novel of renewal and rebuilding a lost life. Cecil Castellucci has Tula Bane be a grifter who does what she can to survive. The book is narrated in Tula’s first person.

The aliens are not well described for the most part other than that they are unimaginable. I was able to form a few basic pictures but that was it. Tin Star’s story is interesting and a bit intriguing. It’s is complete within itself yet is also the first half of the full story.

Featuring a strong, young female hero, Tin Star gives the reader a new science fiction world.

Notice: Non-graphic violence

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