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Science FictionTimetracks by Keith Laumer

TimetracksKeith Laumer; Ballantine 1972WorldCatIn science fiction, time travel can occur in many different forms. The hero may be time traveling on purpose or the trip may have been accidental. The trip may occur supernaturally or mechanically. The trip can even be made scientifically through space travel with a return to a future Earth because of the space time warp differences. Now there are even being books written about genetic time traveling.

Timetracks is a collection of five short stories written in the 1960’s about time travel. These stories touch on a little of every type of time travel – intentional, accidental, space flight warp, and supernatural. Keith Laumer enjoyed using a time travel theme in his novels. These short stories are a sample of his work. This is classic science fiction time travel mixed with alien encounters.

I felt some of the stories dragged along (especially the fourth, “The Other Sky”). Yet I thoroughly enjoyed the last one, “Mind Out of Time”. If you happen to stumble across this book or these stories, you’ll want to check them out.

The last published edition of this book was in 1972. (Yes, my copy is very old.)

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