Timemaster by Robert L. Forward


Science FictionTimemaster by Robert L. Forward

TimemasterRobert L. Forward; T. Doherty Associates 1993WorldCatRandy Hunter is twenty-four and the CEO of one of the largest corporation in the world and on the Moon. His company is in charge of the mining in the asteroid belt as well as travel back and forth to the moon through a cable elevator type system that reaches from Earth’s atmosphere up to the reaches of the moon. He has four dreams he wants to achieve after he marries Rose.

He wants to reach the stars. When his company discovers an alien lifeform out in the asteroid belt he has the key to his future dreams. The Silverhair emits negative matter/energy that can be used as a warp field. Randy quickly realizes the advantages this friendly alien can offer.

Unfortunately, there is Oscar Barkham as well. He was Randy’s childhood tormenter and as an adult is a business adversary. As a senator he tries to regulate the Rotovator that provides the transportation to space. Then as an activist he tries to keep the Silverhairs from being enslaved. It doesn’t help that Rose met Randy while on a date with Oscar. Oscar will do anything he can to stop Randy.

I first read this book about five years ago. I enjoyed it then but wasn’t keeping any sort of diary of titles I had read then and forgot it. As soon as I started it this time I knew I had refound an old friend. I enjoyed it all over again although the ending is weak. It is a great book up until the major conflicts are resolved. After that while Randy is getting older and discovering himself and his new dreams the story falls flat. That is only the last couple chapters and does not affect the overall tale.

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