Time Traders by Andre Norton


Science Fiction

Time traders Time TradersAndre Norton; Baen Pub. Enterprises 2000WorldCatRoss Murdock has been outside the law all his life. He has been arrested and has been offered either a life prison term or participation in a new government project. He has always looked to himself first, so he opts for the government project. If there is a way to escape from it, he will find it.

He not only finds he cannot escape, he finds himself in the past. He is trained to be a Beaker trader long before humans had settled into towns or villages. Something has happened int he past that is now affecting the present world status quo between the world powers. He joins Ashe, another time traveler, to see if they can discover the secrets.

There’s the obligatory story line that I give in most reviews. Unfortunately, this book does not live up to most of Andre Norton’s work. I do not recommend it unless you have nothing else to read. It’s readable, just never catches any spark or comes to life. The book takes an unexpected twist in the middle that doesn’t help. In fact the story is muddled more. Then it is quickly ended with still no life in the story. Other people who reviewed it disagree with me, giving this book an excellent rating.

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