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Science FictionTime Pressure by Spider Robinson

Time PressureSpider Robinson; Ace Books 1990WorldCatSam is an ex-hippie still living the secluded lifestyle in Nova Scotia. He goes up on his mountainside one freezing winter night and observes the arrival of a time traveler. At least, that is his explanation for the bald, naked lady in the translucent blue sphere wearing a gold band around her head. He takes her back to his cabin to wake her up.

While waiting for her to wake from a coma, Sam ponders her. All his science fiction reading leads him to believe she is a time traveler. Nothing else fits the parameters. He calls a friend, Snaker, who also reads science fiction, over to hide her headband until he is sure she is safe. What if she were telepathic or dangerous or something?

When she wakens, Rachel confesses to the men she is a time traveler. Once Sam determines she does not pose a threat, he returns her band and helps her get clothed, fed, and taken care of. From there Sam and Snaker start introducing Rachel to their world.

Spider Robinson’s character Sam reminded me of Jake Stonebender in Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon. A lot of the hippie tone was similar as well. I found the build up of Time Pressure very intriguing. I was disappointed by the solution and ending. The solution was ingenious. Yet about half the book was spent dwelling on Rachel’s first few days in the 1970’s. Then I felt everything else was glossed over to get to the solution. When Sam had his confrontation with people from his past and an explanation of Rachel’s task I felt as if that did not belong in this book. It seemed contrived to help pull the rest together. Too bad the end of Time Pressure did not live up to the beginning.

If you’re interested, Time Pressure is out of print. Check the used bookstores (or BetterWorldBooks.com) or your local library.

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