Time Flies by Bill Cosby



Time Flies by Bill Cosby Time FliesBill Cosby; Bantam Books 1988WorldCatWe all get older. One day we’re 5, then 15, then 25, then 50. We don’t sense it happening – we’re usually too busy living to notice. But we notice how our body and mind change as time passes. Some people ignore the changes and deal with them. Some people fight to keep their health. Others fight with surgery. Others go into denial.

Bill Cosby deals with aging with his special brand of humor. Cosby is one of the best comics in the world to deal with the day to day reasons to laugh at ourselves. He discusses expanding waist lines – it’s hardest to admit in your underwear size. He discusses the aging jock – it’s humiliating to lose in a game of hoops to your young teen son. When did he have to quit eating anything that he desired? Why is he keeping that old map of Akron, Ohio? Well, he’d better put it back in the drawer until he remembers why he kept it.

This book was writtenTime Flies when Cosby was 50. That is the age you can no longer kid yourself that you’re “young”. You have to at least admit to “middle age”. This book will be especially meaningful and funny when you are nearing 50 or have past it. But younger people can also appreciate what he has to say. It will warn them that they, too, will turn into their parents. And Cosby will remind them why they need to respect their elders. Aging is going to happen (at least we hope so!). Take Cosby’s example and enjoy yourself as it does.

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